Sport in Short: Sailing

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A MID-SEA collision in the southern ocean with a so-far unidentified object has scuppered the attempt by Peter Blake and Robin Knox-Johnston to sail their 85-foot catamaran Enza around the world in 80 days and lift the Jules Verne Trophy. Neither they, nor their four crew and a cameraman, were hurt.

BRITISH STEEL CHALLENGE POSITIONS (Third leg, Hobart to Cape Town): 1 Group 4, 3,180 miles to go; 2= Nuclear Electric and British Steel II, 3,245; 4 Hofbrau, 3,255; 5 Commercial Union, 3,259; 6 Interspray, 3,265; 7 Rhone-Poulenc, 3,280; 8 Coopers & Lybrand, 3,298; 9 Heath Insured, 3,308; 10 Pride of Teesside, 3,336.

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