Sport in Short: Sailing

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ROBIN KNOX-JOHNSTON and Peter Blake, joint skippers of the catamaran Enza New Zealand, leave the Hamble at 10am today with the aim of sailing around the world non-stop in 80 days or less.

OMEGA AUSTRALIA CUP (Fremantle) Round Robin 1: Flight 1: P Isler (US) bt S Lissiman (Aus); R Davis (NZ) bt T Peponnet (Fr) re-sail ordered; P Gilmour (Aus) bt G Lucas (Aus); E Baird (US) bt R Heiner (Neth); C Law (UK) bt M Holmberg (Swe). Flight 2: Lucas bt Isler; Davis bt Law; Heiner bt Peponnet; Baird bt Holmberg; Gilmour bt Lissiman. Flight 3: Davis bt Holmberg; Law bt Gilmour; Lissiman bt Baird; Isler bt Heiner; Lucas bt Peponnet. Flight 4: Hiener bt Gilmour; Baird bt Peponnet; Lissiman bt Holmberg; Davis bt Lucas; Law bt Isler. Flight 5: Davis bt Heiner; Lissiman bt Law; Lucas bt Baird; Holmberg bt Gilmour; Isler bt Peponnet. Flight 6: Baird bt Law; Holmberg bt Isler; Peponnet bt Gilmour; Davis bt Lissiman; Heiner bt Lucas. Standings: 1 Davis 5-0; 2 Baird 4-2; 3= Law, Lucas, Isler, Heiner, Lissiman 3-3; 8= Holmberg, Gilmour 2-4; 10 Peponnet 1-4.