Sport in Short: Sailing

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COWES WEEK began yesterday with Prince Edward at the helm of Yeoman XVIII and the Duke of Edinburgh also on board the 38ft Sigma class yacht. Prince Andrew is also expected to take part during the seven-day event.

LAND ROVER COWES WEEK: Royal Southampton Yacht Club Regatta winners: Class 1: C Little (Bounder). Class 2: D Elderfield (Wavetrain II). Class 3: L Adriaanse (ShowTime). Class 4: R Struth (Silver Ghost). Class 5: H Wheal (Clouds). Class 6: B Watkin (Throbber). Class A IMS: J Taylor (Freelance Endeavor). Class B IMS: J Dare (Apriori). Sigma 38: S Bailey (Arbitrator). Sigma 33: D Bonner (SigmaticII). Contessa 32: J Gresham (Trader Jo). Etchell: C Jago (Flamboyant). Daring: J Sheldon (Damsel). Dragon: I Coryn (Monica). Sonata: J Froy (Cadenzza). Redwings: J Peel (Quail). Sunbeam: R Dale (Fleury). J24: P Woodman (Fuzzy Duck). Swallow: M Upton (Goosander). Mermaid: R Dodds (Zara). Squib: P Ramsdean (HeartBeat). Flying Fifteen: M Dixon (True Colours). XOD: M White (Lone Star). Scod: R Harding (Tuonela).