Sport in Short: Sailing

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LAND ROVER COWES WEEK: Seventh day: Class One: 1 H Schumann (Rubin XII); 2 J Harding (Hartbeat); 3 E Juer (Blizzard). Class Two: 1 R Kemp (Runaway); 2 D Chatterton (Sensor); 3 C Dunning (Marionette). Sigma 38: 1 J Stelling (Mistral of St Helier); 2 D Knight (Summer Pudding); 3 P Newberry (Joker II). Etchell 22: 1 C Jago (Flamboyant); 2 S Fein (Full Pelt); 3 D Harfood (Majrathia). Daring: 1 R Simpson (Daring I); 2 R Syme (Doublet); 3 T Parr (Darius). Dragon: 1 C Blythe (Elska); 2 D Biddle (Sapphire II); 3 E Williams (Hectic). Sonata: 1 J Froy (Cadenzza); 2 J Stuppe (Rhythm 'n' Blue); 3 M Owers (An'Metoo).