Sport in Short: Sailing

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WORLD MATCH RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS (Long Beach, Ca) Round-robin Races: Flight 16: P Gilmour (Aus) bt E Warden-Owen (GB) 50sec; K Mahaney (US) bt P Cayard (US) 1min 7sec; R Coutts (NZ) bt C Dickson (NZ) 30sec; R Heiner (Neth) bt C Law (GB) 47sec; E Baird (US) bt P Isler (US) 3sec. Flight 17: P Isler (US) bt Heiner 46sec; Warden- Owen bt Dickson 46sec; Law bt Baird 1sec; Mahaney bt Coutts 24sec; Cayard bt Gilmour 21 sec. Flight 18: Mahaney bt Law 22sec; Heiner bt Baird 33sec; Cayard bt Warden-Owen 52sec; Coutts bt Isler 14sec; Gilmour bt Dickson 34sec. Semi-finalists (after completition of first round): 1 Dickson; 2 Gilmour; 3 Mahaney; 4 Coutts. Other finishing positions: 5 Cayard; 6 Isler; 7 Law.