Sport in short: Sailing

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HOFBRAU yesterday became the third yacht to break the fourth bottle screw which attaches the mast forestay to the bow of the 10 yachts in the British Steel Challenge. Examinations are being made in England of the first bottlescrew to break in order to determine the cause of the failure.

BRITISH STEEL CHALLENGE ROUND-THE-WORLD RACE Second leg (Rio de Janeiro to Hobart): Positions (with miles to Hobart): 1 Nuclear Electric 4,015 miles; 2 Commercial Union 4,097; 3 British Steel II 4,144; 4 Heath Insured 4,148; 5 Hofbrau 4,189; 6 Pride of Teesside 4,204; 7 Coopers & Lybrand 4,215; 8 Group 4 4,289; 9 InterSpray 4,527; 10 Rhone Poulenc 4,725.

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