Sport in Short: Squash

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JANSHER KHAN became the first player to win four major titles when he won the inaugural Super Series final in Zurich yesterday, beating Chris Dittmar, of Australia, 15-10 10-15 15-13 15-8. Tristan Nancarrow, beaten by England's Peter Marshall for fifth place on Monday, will be reported to the governing body of the sport after being warned for ungentlemanly behaviour and having game awarded against him for an audible obscenity during that match.

SUPER SERIES TOURNAMENT (Zurich): Final: Jansher Khan (Pak) bt C Dittmar (Aus)

15-10 10-15 15-13 15-8. Third-place play-off: B Martin (Aus) bt R Martin (Aus) 15-12 13-15 15-9 15-12.