Sport in Short: Swimming

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JANI SIEVINEN, of Finland, yesterday broke his own 200 metres individual medley men's short course world record in 1min 56.62sec at the Paris World Cup meeting.

WORLD CUP SHORT COURSE MEETING (Paris; winners and selected): Men: 50m backstroke: M Harris (GB) 25.51sec. 50m breaststroke: S Muff (Fr) 28.80. 50m butterfly: M Foster (GB) 24.07. 50m freestyle: Foster 22.00. 100m backstroke: 1 F Schott (Fr) 55.18; 2 Harris 55.30. 100 breaststroke: S Vossart (Fr) 1min 00.79sec. 100m butterfly: D Loader (NZ) 52.78. 100m freestyle: Foster 48.60. 200m backstroke: 1 M Blazo (Slovak) 1:57.55; 2 A Ruckwood (GB) 1:58.15. 200m breaststroke: Vossart 2:11.13. 200m butterfly: Loader 1:54.58 (world record). 200m freestyle: A Kasvio (Fin) 1:45.82. 400m freestyle: Kasvio 3:45.83. 1,000m freestyle: J Hoffmann (Ger) 9:52.38. Individual medleys: 100m: J Sievinen (Fin) 54.57. 200m: Sievinen 1:56.62 (world record). 400m: Sievinen 4:10.14. Women: 50m backstroke: S Volker (Ger) 28.71. 50m breaststroke: 1 A Heinrich (Fr) 31.62; 3 K Rake (GB) 32.48. 50m butterfly: B Ustrowski (Ger) 27.92. 50m freestyle: J Blaise (Fr) 25.95. 100m backstroke: Volker 1:00.31. 100m breaststroke: 1 S Riley (Aus) 1:8.84; 2 Rake 1:09.47. 100m butterfly: S O'Neill (Aus) 1:0.77. 100m freestyle: O'Neill 55.11. 200m backstroke L Vigarani (It) 2:0.89. 200m breaststroke: Riley 2:28.66. 200m butterfly: O'Neill 2:09.39. 200m freestyle: O'Neill 1:58.64. 400m freestyle: 1= N Dryden (Can) and M Nilsson (Swe) 4:11:10. 1,000m freestyle: O Splichalova (Cz Rep) 10:44.79. Individual medleys: 100m: 1 A Wilson (NZ) 1:04.72; 2 J Park (GB) 1:04.85. 200m H Hiranaka (Japan) 2:15.27. 400m: Hiranka 4:41.65.