Sport in Short: Swimming

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FRANZISKA VAN ALMSICK, of Germany, yesterday broke the world record she set on Wednesday in the women's 100 metres freestyle at the World short- course meeting in Peking. She also broke the world record at 200 metres on Saturday.

WORLD CUP SHORT-COURSE (Peking, winners only) Men: 50m backstroke: T Weber (Ger) 25.59. 50m breaststroke: V Ivanov (Rus) 27.55. 50m butterfly: B Gutzeit (Fr) 24.17. 50m freestyle: S Caron (Fr) 22.29. 100m backstroke: V Selkov (Rus) 53.37. 100m breaststroke: Ivanov 1:00.38. 100m butterfly: M Gery (Can) 53.02. 100m freestyle: Caron 49.04. 200m backstroke: Selkov 1:54.04. 200m breaststroke: S Vossart (Fr) 2:12.67. 200m butterfly: D Loader (NZ) 1:55.23. 200m freestyle: A Holmertz (Swe) 1:44.97. 400m freestyle: E Sadovy (Rus) 3:46.39. 200m individual medley: C Keller (Ger) 1:58.96. Women: 50m backstroke: Xue Lei (Ch) 28.47. 50m breaststroke: Lou Xia (Ch) 31.26. 50m butterfly: L Karlsson (Swe) 27.41. 50m freestyle: F Van Almsick (Ger) 25.00. 100m backstroke: Xue 1:00.93. 100m breaststroke: 1 Huang Xiaomin (Ch) 1.07.14. 100m butterfly: Liu Limin (Ch) 59.68. 100m freestyle: van Almsick 53.33 (world record). 200m backstroke: Liu Bichun (Ch) 2.10.49. 200m breaststroke: Huang 2:24.10. 200m butterfly: Liu 2:10.59. 200m freestyle: Van Almsick 1.55.84 (world record). 400m freestyle: Lu Bin (Ch) 4:08.95. 100m individual medley: Lin Li (Ch) 1:01.91. 200m individual medley: Lin 2:11.81. 400m individual medley: Lin 4:45.28.