Sport in Short: Swimming

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GREAT BRITAIN (European junior championships, Leeds, 13-16 August): BOYS: 100m freestyle: M Carl (Redbridge Borough), C Humphreys (Millfield); 200m freestyle: M McCallum (Barnet Copthall and Renfrew District); 400m freestyle: M Clements (Portsmouth Northsea), McCallum; 1500m freestyle: Clements, G Smith (Stockport Metro); 100m backstroke: Carl; 200m backstroke: J Hickman (Stockport Metro), N Skinner (Portsmouth Northsea); 100m butterfly: P Roberts (COSSACS); 200m butterfly: Hickman, Skinner; 100m breaststroke: A Ayres (City of Swansea); 200m breaststroke: Ayres; 200m individual medley: N Sultman (City of Newcastle), D Paxton (Bishop's Stortford and Warrender); 400m individual medley: Paxton; 4 x 100m freestyle: Carl, McCallum, Humphreys, M Wilson (City of Leeds); 4 x 200m freestyle: Carl, Paxton, McCallum, S Capaldi (Warrender); 4 x 100m medley: to be selected.

GIRLS: 100m freestyle: K Hope (City of Dundee), S Rolph (City of Newcastle); 200m freestyle: K Goddard (Portsmouth Northsea); 400m freestyle: J Cowan (Portsmouth Northsea), Goddard; 800m freestyle: Cowan; 100m backstroke: A Bennett (Nova Centurion), N Steel (Aberdeen); 200m backstroke: Bennett; 100m butterfly: S Greenep (Ferndown Otters); 200m butterfly: Rolph; 100m breaststroke: H Wilby (York City), L Rogers (City of Bristol); 200m breaststroke: L Dalzell (Gateshead and Wickham), N Thornley (Manchester United Salford); 200m individual medley: Dalzell, Rolph; 400m individual medley: Cowan; 4 x 100m freestyle: Bennett, Rolph, Hope, Dalzell; 4 x 200m freestyle: no selection; 4 x 100m medley: tbs.