Sport in Short: Swimming

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EUROPEAN JUNIOR SWIMMING AND DIVING CHAMPIONSHIPS (Leeds, winners only): Boys: Youth Highboard: G Chereches (Rom) 305.55pts. Junior highboard: A Wells (Ger) 497.10. 100m backstroke: D Buyukuncu (Tur) 58 min 53 sec. 200m breaststroke: G Juhasz (Hun) 2:21.80; 3 A Ayres (GB) 2:22.60. 200m butterfly: X Fortuno (Sp) 2:06.26. 200m freestyle: S Aartsen (Neth) 1:53.80,4 x 100m freestyle relay: Germany 3:30.36. Girls: Junior 3m springboard: D Lindner (Ger) 483.70. Youth 1m springboard: S Gollmer (Ger) 298.25. 100m breaststroke: D Ajnenkiel (Pol) 1:12.84. 200m breaststroke: A Kaczmarczky (Pol) 2:36.38. 100m butterfly: F Van Almsick (Ger) 1:00.62 (European junior record). 200m freestyle: F Van Almsick (Ger) 2:01.38. 400m freestyle: S Van De Loo (Ger) 4:18.95. 800m freestyle: 1 I Naghi (Rom) 8:48.76. 200m medley: 1 V Almsick (Ger) 2:17.04.