Sport in Short: Tennis

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QATAR will host the Gulf region's first ATP tournament from 4 to 12 January.

ADVANTA TOUR MEN'S VETERAN TOURNAMENT (Coral Springs, Fla) Semi-finals (US unless stated): Singles: C Lewis (NZ) bt H Solomon 6-2 6-4; B Borg (Swe) bt J Lloyd (GB) 6-4 7-6. Doubles: P Fleming and S Stewart bt S Mayer and Lewis 6-4 6-2; Lloyd and B Teacher bt Solomon and E Dibbs 4-6 6-2 6-3.

EUROPEAN MEN'S TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP (Trieste, It) Semi-finals: Sweden bt Britain 2-1. Swedish names first: N Kulti bt M Petchey 6-2 1-6 6-2, T Enqvist lost to C Wilkinson 3-6 4-6, M Tillstrom and Kulti bt Wilkinson and Petchey 7-6 6-4. Germany bt Italy 2-1 German names first: B Karbacher lost to M Valeri 3-6 5-7, M Naewie bt A Guadenzi 7-5 6-3, Naewie and M Gollner bt Valeri and Gaudenzi 6-4 7-6.