Sport in Short: Tennis

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JIM COURIER and Monica Seles were named as the 1992 world champions by the International Tennis Federation yesterday. Courier won two Grand Slam titles in 1992 and Seles three, being denied the Grand Slam by Steffi Graf at Wimbledon.

COLONIAL MUTUAL CLASSIC TOURNAMENT (Melbourne, Aus unless stated) Men's round robin first round: R Fromberg bt G Doyle 6-3 6-3; N Borwick bt J Fitzgerald 7-6 7-6. Women's singles, first round: J Limmer bt C Thompson 6-2 6-3. Second round: E de Lone (US) bt S Talaja (Croa) 6-2 6-2; T Krizan (Slov) bt U Bushewitsa (Lat) 6-3 6-2; T Morton bt M Avotins 7-5 6-2; L Stacey bt H Sprung (Aut) 7-6 6-1.

BWTA CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT (Queen's Club, London) Second round: S Nicholson (Surrey) bt C Pryce (Somerset) 6-1 6-1; K Roubanova (unatt) bt J McMahon (Sussex) 6-2 6-0; N Giles (Surrey) bt S Boulding (Yorks) 6-1 7-5; J Bowden (Surrey) bt J Smith (Middx) 6-1 7-5; M Hughes (S Wal) bt L Ogan (Warks) 6-2 7-5; V Humphreys-Davies (Cambs) bt L Austin (Sussex) 6-0 6-3; K Dyte (Northants) bt T Brant (Surrey) 6-3 6-2; S Bentley (Surrey) bt Z Mellis (Essex) 6-3 6-1.