Sport Letter: Waste of time

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Sir: As a devoted Manchester United fan I find Alan Curbishley's recent outburst attacking the elite clubs deeply offensive, because having to play these clubs from the "other" end of the League is a total waste of time (it's a case of how many goals can you score in one afternoon).

When top teams are trying to compete at the highest level in Europe the last thing you need is a match against the Charltons, Nottingham Forests and Blackburns of this world. It's about time the Premiership was reduced so that the Man Utds, Arsenals and Chelseas can have a reduction of six to eight League games a season.

Another myth is the importance of these lower-placed teams providing a breeding ground for new talent. How many players from the top four or five clubs have been signed from the First Division, or for that case Charlton? I rest my case.