Sport: Q&A: A mysterious Bee

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Q. Does anyone remember the comedian Bradley Walsh playing professional football for Brentford?

A. I have often heard Bradley Walsh talking about his professional football career with Brentford and recently saw him on GMTV describing his league debut against Plymouth in 1980 where he scored the winning goal. Being curious, I checked the editions of Rothmans Football Yearbook for that period and could find no trace of him. I therefore must assume that Bradley Walsh is not his real name but a stage name.

Stephen de Flandre,

London N8

Q. Have any novels been written or films produced about the Tour de France?

A. Not a novel or a film, but German electro-rock group Kraftwerk had a hit single "Tour de France" which reached No 22 in 1983 and spent eight weeks in the chart. It re-entered in 1984 and reached No 24.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Answers please

Q. On Saturday 1 August 1998, the Scottish Football League season began. Is this the earliest date it has done so?

Kevin Maguire, Batley

Q. Why have the overseas umpires in the current Test series between England and South Africa stood in only one match each. Surely it would be better, and more cost effective, to fly in the neutral umpire for at least two matches during a five-match series? Or why not have the same umpire for all five?

G Tomlin, Swindon

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