Sport Q&A: The first-ever county show

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Q. Was the recent televising of the Kent v Leicestershire County Championship fixture the first occasion on which a county match was televised live?

A. The first County Championship game to be shown live on television may have been Essex versus Warwickshire on 6 June 1950. It was the final day of a three-day game and the BBC showed 90 minutes before lunch and the last hour (4-5pm). The broadcasts were part of the TV schedule and the programmers showed remarkable confidence that the game would last that long. The last hour could not have made exciting viewing; Warwickshire set Essex 316 in three and a half hours and Essex's final score of 213- 5 indicates that they were playing for a draw well before the final overs. Wisden recorded a strange occurrence in the Essex second innings. Kardar, fielding at slip, "stumped" Vigar off Hollies, and because the wicketkeeper did not take off the bails, the wicket was not credited to the bowler. The scorecard shows E H Vigar run out 20. - Wilfred Morgan, Birmingham.

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The brothers Adam and Ben Hollioake are playing in the Test against Australia. Who were the last brothers to play for England in the same Test match? - S James, Islington, London.

The English football season began yesterday on the ludicrously early date of 9 August because of next year's World Cup in France. Has the season, for whatever reason, ever started any earlier than this and when is the latest it has started? - K Rawlings, Hull.

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