Sport: Quotes Of The Week

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Changing the captain won't make a difference - you've got to change the whole team.

Pakistan captain Wasim Akram on English cricket.

I said, `I love you. But if you do that again I'll batter you from here to kingdom come.' He won't do it again.

Bob Woolmer, South Africa coach, after a dropped catch by Herschelle Gibbs.

I expected it.

Maurice Greene, after breaking the world 100 metres record in Athens.

We wouldn't have been stupid enough to go out in that weather and play a silly ass game and freeze to death. We would have been inside listening to jazz, joking and drinking rum.

Earl Woods, Tiger's father, on why the Scots invented golf and not black Americans.

We have a good time, we have team spirit, we watch opera together.

Sweden's handball coach, Bengt Johansson, on the secret of their success.