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I want someone a little younger than that. She's what I call a pitching wedge. She looks good from about 150 yards.

Pete Sampras on Andre Agassi's relationship with Barbra Streisand.

If you are going to write to the Rugby Union, such as it is, I have a message: don't be such a sad bastard. And before I hear from Major-General Sir Humpty-Dumpty Trumpton (RFU deceased), this is just a bit of fun.

Brian Moore on his new video, `Moore Pitbull Punch-Ups'.

I've played my last match, scored my last goal and elbowed my last opponent.

Blackburn footballer Martin Dahlin announces his retirement.

They think I'm like an old car that guzzles petrol and they want to put me in the garage to rest.

Mario Cipollini, after winning a Tour de France stage. His team, Saeco, are not renewing his contract.