Sport Quotes of the week

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I haven't given up hope of keeping him, even if it means having to kiss his backside.

Sam Hammam, keen to retain Neil Sullivan's services as Wimbledon's goalkeeper.

It was very nice for me to play in Ian Wright's testimonial!

Lee Dixon, upstaged at his own testimonial on Monday night.

Kevin [Keegan] and I have 63 caps between us - he's got the lot.

Craig Brown - inferiority complex?

The system stinks. When the policemen are the concern, you have a real problem.

Lou Di Bella, the vice-president of American television network HBO, voices his dissatisfaction with the system of judging in boxing.

I've been accused of being a twister of minds, a fixer of fights, even a stealer of souls. But I am innocent, inviolate and indestructible.

Don King.

Whatever happens in the ring, the real winner of the fight will be Don King.

Don King.

Defeat will stay with him as a stigma for the remainder of his life.

Graham Taylor, all too aware of the fate awaiting the losing manager of the England/Scotland affair.

I'm using the money from the sale of my [Scotland v England] ticket for a holiday.

Glasgow computer firm employee.

I see I have been used again to sell somebody's book. Glad to have been of assistance, Andy.

Alan Shearer on Andy Cole's autobiographical whingings.

He has a cruciate problem, a kneecap problem, left knee joint, feet obviously, and his Achilles tendons always develop huge blisters.

Ian Botham is in great shape for his final John O'Groats to Land's End charity walk, according to his physio, Dave Roberts.

If English football is so superior, how come Scotland have qualified for more World Cup finals in the last 25 years?

Brian Laudrup points out that Scotland have reached six of the last seven finals. England have only made it to four.