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I'm not interested. What can a job like that do for me? You would have to be a masochist.

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager, on the prospect of coaching the England team

I made a gentleman's agreement that would have allowed me to talk to Leeds, but obviously my chairman has Alzheimer's disease or something. I will never have dinner with him again.

Martin O'Neill on his decision to remain as Leicester City manager

As far as I am concerned, he is history. If he thinks we are going to offer him an olive branch he knows where he can stick it.

Dave Bassett, Nottingham Forest manager, on his errant striker, Pierre Van Hooijdonk

It will be nice to be bracketed with Sir Donald [Bradman]. It will be my only chance to be compared with him.

Australia's captain, Mark Taylor, following his decision not to try to beat the highest Test score of 375, when declaring overnight against Pakistan unbeaten on 334, which was also Bradman's highest score

Geoffrey Boycott: Shut up. Everybody's talking. I can't understand.

Translator: But I'm translating.

Boycott: Not very well.

The cricket commentator in a French court appealing against his assault conviction

Please don't torture me any longer, sir. I made a mistake. Other fighters have made more. I'm not a mass murderer.

Mike Tyson, on his appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission to reinstate his boxing licence

Mike's not all that bad. If you dig deep, dig real deep, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig deep, go all the way to China... I'm sure you'll find there is a nice guy in there.

George Foreman on Tyson