Sport: Quotes of the Week

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It was poor batsmanship. He didn't keep his eye on the ball. Richie Richardson, West Indies captain, on Courtney Walsh's fierce bowling, which hit the England tail-ender, Devon Malcolm, several times.

It's only pain. Malcolm.

I thought I was streaming blood at one point. But if you'd hit me with a lead pipe I would still have gone on, Christopher Dean after Jayne Torvill elbowed him in the face during their bronze medal- winning ice dance routine.

Their routine was worn-out and old fashioned . . . Chubby-cheeked and bloated, wearing far too much make-up and in an ill-fitting costume, she looks like a London housewife attending the wedding of one of her children. Jean Christophe Papillon, of Le Figaro, on Jayne Torvill.

They conquered the podium with the force of youth and the power of rock music. Il Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian sports daily, on the gold-medal performance of Oksana Gritschuk and Yevgeny Platov.

Don't ask me about the emotion in the Welsh dressing-room. I'm someone who cries when he watches Little House On The Prairie. Robert Norster, Welsh rugby union manager, after defeat of France.

We beat the All Blacks through the pack, not the Jessicas in the backs. We're not going to beat Ireland through the girls in the backs. Micky Skinner, TV match analyst, after England's loss to Ireland.