Sport: Quotes of the Week

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The Germans historically have an idea of domination in their heads which I don't personally share but which has certainly always caused a lot of problems. It's time to review the idea. Giovanni Trapattoni, the new (Italian) coach of Bayern Munich, reacting to criticism that he is too soft on his team.

At the end of three years I'd be surprised if I don't have 90 per cent of the Premier League players under contract. Barry Hearn, boxing and snooker promoter, on launching himself as a football agent.

If my fighters behaved like some of them do, I'd sling them out in the street. Work hard? They don't do anything. Hearn on footballers.

You're not going to find a more giving person. Chris Evert on Vitas Gerulaitis, who died on Sunday.

I think both sides have acted like spoiled children. Congressman Mike Synar warning Major League baseball team owners and players that unless they settle their strike, Congress will intervene.

I told him: 'If you beat me you're going to see a grown man cry.' Croquet player John Phaneuf before tackling 12-year-old prodigy Jacques Fournier at the US National Championships.