Sport: Quotes of the Week

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This club's history is based on and steeped in passion and the vast majority of my players tonight played as if they had never been told what passion and Liverpool Football Club is all about . . . Too many of our players have no real interest in or love of the football club - they're only interested in getting another move or another lump of money. Graeme Souness, Liverpool manager, after the 2-0 FA Cup defeat to Bolton.

Would they have sent England to play in Bosnia? Reinhard Fabrisch, Zimbabwe's German coach, on being forced to play in Angola during a civil war.

Only soccer can make this possible. Flying into a fighting zone to play a game - I love it. Helmut Riedl, German football nut and filling-station mogul, who travels the world watching matches.

The lads have helped me keep my sense of humour. They even had a sweep on my chances of surviving. Mel Rees, Sheffield United goalkeeper, back in training after six months out with cancer.

Their bucksome (sic) blubbery bodies played havoc, with their running becoming turtle paced. Egyptian Mail, on the Egyptian women's football team's 17-0 defeat to Russia.

I'm confident my wife can produce on time, even if I have to take her for a rough ride in the Porsche. Nick Faldo, hoping childbirth will not affect his participation in the US Masters.