Sport: Quotes of the week

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Fergie seemed to be very interested in my aftershave. Gerry Francis, QPR manager, on his argument with Alex Ferguson during 3-1 defeat by Manchester United.

Linesmen and referees just don't understand the game properly . . . You lot got Kinnock out, why don't you get some of those referees out? Bobby Gould, Coventry manager, to reporters after a disallowed penalty during the 1-1 draw at Norwich.

I'm glad he's not here. He would have been devastated. Nessie Shankly, Bill's widow, on Liverpool's current state.

We're hardly ecstatic. We're relieved. We made more errors in this one game than in a whole season. Geoff Cooke, England rugby union manager, after beating France 16-15.

Every ball I hit in close was called out, and every ball he hit in close was called in; other than that I was completely satisfied. Jim Courier, after clashing with the umpire during Australian Open tennis.

It is comic. We have millions and millions of athletes. Primo Nebiolo, head of the IAAF, on the threat by American athletes to boycott the World Championships over prize-money.