Sport: Quotes of the Week

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Mr Simplice Zinsou (Africa Sports chairman) told me that he knows I'm a hot cake and I'll have a lot of offers all over. Ibrahim Sunday, the Ghanaian coach, after steering the Ivory Coast club, Africa Sports National, to the African Cup-Winners' Cup.

It's a move we practise a lot in training but usually I put them way over the bar. Tonight was my lucky night. Chris Kiwomya, of Ipswich, on his match-winning goal against Aston Villa in the Coca-Cola Cup.

It's not their fault they've not been taught properly. Malcolm Allison, dismayed by British footballers' lack of ball skills.

Yes I've changed. I didn't wear this suit the last time I was here. Kenny Dalglish, the Blackburn manager, on returning to Anfield for the first time since leaving Liverpool 22 months ago.

Like standing on the summit of Everest. Campbell Mackenzie, a competitor in the British Steel Challenge round-the-world-race, on rounding Cape Horn.

Like going to a party where there was only one attractive girl - and she's talking to me] Angus Mackenzie, his son, giving his verdict.

For as long as I am champion I will not recognise, defend or fight for their dishonoured belt. Riddick Bowe after being stripped of the World Boxing Council heavyweight title.

It's not the way I wanted to do it and I think Riddick has taken the easy way out. Lennox Lewis on replacing Bowe as WBC champion.

I have not got dad's gift of the gab, or his charm, but I think I've got his perseverance. Damon Hill talking about his father, Graham, the former world champion, after signing to drive for the Williams Formula One team next year.