Sport: Quotes of the Week

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I never thought of taking him off, even with a broken nose. They're nothing. I tried to get one throughout my career because it adds character to your face. George Graham, Arsenal manager, on Andy Linighan, scorer of the Cup final winner.

I certainly won't be picking it for a while. Linighan.

At least it helped put my baby to sleep. That's all it was good for. Paul Merson on the disappointing first game.

We're 100 per cent behind Terry. I've even torn down my Amstrad satellite dish and stuck it in the dustbin. Neil Ruddock, Spurs captain, on the Venables v Alan Sugar saga.

I feel like the guy who shot Bambi. I am not an egotistic loony. Sugar.

The masked man made the Olympic Stadium sing. Il Gazzetta dello Sport on Paul Gascoigne's display in the 5-0 win over Ancona, in which he wore a carbon-fibre mask to protect his injured cheekbone.

I've decided to keep it on. I'll wear it all next season. Gascoigne.