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It's a setback but not a disaster. There's a lot more football to be played. Glenn Hoddle, England coach, after defeat to Italy.

When I took the job there were some people who talked about me as being a bread and salami manager, a very basic coach. But now I ask them just what kind of bread and salami they saw at Wembley on Wednesday night? Cesare Maldini, Italy's coach.

The Americans have got to give respect now to the Prince. He is a legend soon to be. Naseem Hamed after beating Tom Johnson.

No victories are hollow. The only thing that counts in boxing is winning. Frank Maloney, Lennox Lewis's manager after the fight with Oliver McCall.

When he [McCall] started walking away I thought it was a joke at first. I thought he was trying to fool me so he could sucker-punch me. Lennox Lewis.

Lennox Lewis was physically afraid of Oliver. He hit him with everything, and it still didn't mean a thing. Don King, McCall's promoter.

People like Don King shouldn't be allowed to be in boxing. He's a disgrace to the human race. Maloney.

We saw someone having a nervous breakdown in the ring. The people of the world deserve an explanation. Jose Sulaiman, World Boxing Council president on McCall.

My son was sat having his breakfast the other day and he said, 'You'll be finished by tomorrow, won't you daddy, because you just play, lose and come home'. Steve Davis reveals the motivational secret behind his victory in the Benson and Hedges Masters final.

As far as I'm concerned he should carry on. He's a tough old sod and we need more of them. David Lloyd, England cricket coach, on Michael Atherton's future as captain.