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Terry Venables has made it clear that there is nothing he would love more than to meet England in the World Cup and beat them, for professional reasons, of course.David Hill, the Soccer Australia chairman, on hiring the former England coach to lead the Socceroos to France 96.

I don't think [Jack] Rowell will be either coach or manager by the time of the next World Cup in 1999. The RFU have got to invest in him but the problem is I don't believe that they have much faith in him. You don't give someone a one-year contract if you have confidence in them, do you? It tells me that at the end of the season it's probably `Goodnight, Irene'. Dick Best, the former England rugby union coach, launches a stinging attack on his successor.

My ambition is to win all four titles. I think [Evander] Holyfield thinks he's the best in the world, but realises there is something missing. He's boxed Riddick Bowe three times and now beaten the mighty Mike Tyson. But he hasn't boxed Lennox Lewis yet. Lennox Lewis, lacking nothing in self-belief, dedicates himself to winning all four versions of the world heavyweight title.