Sport: The Week in Review

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PARTIALLY drawing a discreet and very dark veil over the World Cup - just in case you missed it England and Wales failed to qualify - an intriguing battle took place at Court 14 of the Royal Courts of Justice between Sarfraz Nawaz and Allan Lamb.

Sarfraz was sueing his old team-mate for libel after Lamb had written that Sarfraz had shown other Pakistani players how to doctor a cricket ball. The case was halted after four days, and although the result was a draw both sides claimed to have had the best of the game.

The All Blacks kept on the unbeaten way with two more victories in Scotland whose national selectors

decided to face them with their biggest side in history.

An Anglo-Welsh league came nearer and the Unions were busy trying to keep the interested clubs inside, rather than outside, their

jurisdiction. Stay tuned, it is bound to get interesting.

Nerves jangled in Montpellier where 183 golfers tried to win 40 cards to next year's European Tour. Pity those seven who, after six rounds to guarantee a

future, had to play off for the five remaining places. Some would not wish that even on Graham Taylor.

Seven months on from the Grand National farce, Aintree unveiled its new, less than hi-tech, starting mechanism - three tapes that move quicker.