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1 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Yearbook 1999, edited by Peter Nichols (Oddball, paperback, pounds 14.00).

2. Hillsborough - The Truth, Phil Scraton (Mainstream, paperback, pounds 9.99).

3. The Sun - Guide to the Flat 1999, edited by Mark Maydon (Invincible Press, paperback, pounds 9.99).

4. Rothmans Rugby League Yearbook 1999, Raymond Fletcher (Headline, paperback, pounds 17.99).

5 Football Memories, Brian Glanville (Virgin, hardback, pounds 16.99).

6. Tear Gas and Ticket Touts, Eddy Brimson (Headline, paperback, pounds 6.99)

7. Playing For Keeps - Michael Jordan and the World He Made, David Halberstam (Random House USA, hardback, pounds 21.50).

8. The Sporting News Baseball Register 1999, edited by Mark Bonavita and Brendan Roberts (The Sporting News, paperback, pounds 13.95).

9. Bold Warnie - Shane Warne and Australia's Rise to Cricket Dominance, Roland Perry (Random House Australia, hardback, pounds 21.95).

10. Ka Mate! Ka Mate! New Zealand's Conquest of British Rugby, Spiro Zavos (Viking NZ, paperback, pounds 14.95).

List compiled by Sportspages Bookshops: 94-96 Charing Cross Road, London, 0171 240 9604 & St Ann's Square, Manchester, 0161 832 8530.