Sport: What the papers said about . . . Damon Hill

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'Hill-verstone.' Mirror

'The cares of two generations drained from Damon Hill's face . . . The final proof of his own Formula One talents and the fulfilment of a family dream that had lingered restlessly for over 30 years came together in a sea of Union Jacks, under a tide of nostalgia, when Hill held aloft the British Grand Prix trophy his father, Graham, never grasped.' Times

'Damons are forever.' Star

'The old airfield suddenly sprouted a forest of Union flags, bearing his name. While Hill Hype has yet to match Mansell Mania, the response to his success testified to the affection and esteem in which this earnest, unprepossessing sportsman is held.' Telegraph

'Golden Hill towers over Silverstone.' Guardian

'The name of Hill was nowhere to be seen. Now it is. Not Graham, world champion of 1962 and 1968, but Damon, or rather Demon. Not the mild-mannered son who would not say boo to a Benetton but a man of steel intent on saving himself and his career.' Mail

'Damon Hill leaned towards the microphone and yelled: 'I can't get no satisfaction.' But you knew from the grin on his face that he was a contented man . . . The demon driver had become Honkytonk Hill, wearing dark glasses, T-shirt, jeans and striking a Bruce Springsteen pose with a band owing more to enthusiasm than ability.' Express

'The one-time punk-rock guitarist with that never-to-be-forgotten band, Sex Hitler and the Hormones, was backed by Johnny Herbert, Eddie Irvine and Eddie Jordan in a revellers' encore to the British Grand Prix show. Now it is Hill's intention to take his victory celebration on tour. The next stop: Hockenheim in Germany, Michael Schumacher's home race.' Independent

'He's over Damoon.' Sun