Sport: What the papers said about . . . John Daly

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' From the moment he arrived at St Andrews on Wednesday right to the moment he completed his last round . . . John Daly dominated the ninth Alfred Dunhill Cup. He dominated it with his opening stroke at the home of golf, and he did not buckle when the outcome of the final between the United States and England depended on his match against Peter Baker.' The Times

'England are tamed by wild-boy Daly . . . John Daly yesterday ripped apart England's defence of the Dunhill Cup, and shattered golden boy Peter Baker.' Today

'Golf's reformed wild thing John Daly admitted last night that beating the booze gives him more pleasure than winning titles. He doesn't care if he never wins another tournament - as long as he doesn't drink again.' Daily Mirror

' 'Wild Thing' hadn't played the Home of Golf since he was 19, and the Old Lady is notoriously fickle, especially to first time suitors. But over four days Daly wooed her, not so much with the big stick but with his gentle touch on and around the greens.' Daily Express

'His play was as consistent as it was surprising.' The Guardian

'John Daly has conquered St Andrews. Now he is all set to bring Wentworth's famous West course to its knees.' London Evening Standard

'Daly came down to London and discovered that, amid the chestnut, pine and silver birch trees of Wentworth, it was as cold as it had been on the bleak and beguiling Old Course at St Andrews.' The Times

'Daly's exit was rapid in more ways than one, almost as if he wanted to get the whole thing done with as quickly as possible.' Daily Telegraph

'Daly, whose raw power has made him a legend, was crushed.' Daily Express