Sporting Digest: Athletics

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JUDY OAKES, the British women's shot record-holder, came out of retirement to break the 21-year-old British veterans record with 16.53m at Croydon. The previous record, 16.15m, was set by Brenda Bedford at Crystal Palace in 1973.

BUPA INTERNATIONAL ROAD RACES (Aberdeen; GB unless stated): Men: mile: 1 K McKay 4min 6sec; 2 B Koech (Ken) 4:07; 3 J Mayock 4:07 s/t; 4 S Cram 4:08. 5,000m: 1 I Kirui (Ken) 13:37; 2 R Denmark 13:37 s/t; 3 P Taylor 13:49. Women: 5,000m: 1 S O'Sullivan (Irl) 15:18; 2 Y Murray 15:23; 3 K McCandless (US) 16.03.

NATIONAL WOMEN'S 10km ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIP (Liverpool): 1 A Hulley (Leeds City) 34min 16sec; 2 A Wright (Tipton Harriers) 34.18; 3 H Heasman (Invicta East Kent) 34.21. Teams: 1 City of Bath 37pts; 2 Redhill Road Runners 50; 3 Liverpool Harriers 78.

INTER-REGION MATCH (Birmingham) Winners: Men: 100m: D Braithwaite (South) 10.32sec. 200m: T Box (North) 21.08. 400m: D McKenzie (South) 46.32. 800m: A Lill (South) 1min 50.8sec. 1500: M DeFreitas (South) 3:53.07. 5,000m: J Gascoyne (South) 14:39.19. 110m hurdles: H Teape (South) 13.76. 400m hurdles: T Gwynne (Midlands) 51.88. 3,000m steeplechase: M Hutchison (North) 9:6.74. 4x100m relay: South 41.32. 4x400m relay: North 3:16.62. High jump: A Kruger (North) 1.99m. Long jump: S Phillips (Midlands) 7.27. Triple jump: L Achike (South) 15.92. Hammer: P Vivian (South) 70.14. Shot: N Spratley (South) 16.78. Discus: L Newman (South) 56.20. Pole vault: A Ashurst (North) 4.80. Match: 1 South 145pts; 2 North 120; 3 Midlands 106. Women: 100m: K Merry (Midlands) 11.44. 200m: S Jacobs (South) 24.16. 400m: T Goddard (South) 54.41. 800m: D Gunning (South) 2:08.1. 3,000m: M Newman (Midlands) 9:38.75. 100m hurdles: A Thorpe (North) 13.45. 400m hurdles: C Bleasdale (South) 59.71. 4x100m: South 46.66. 4x400m: South 3:50.41. High jump: D Davies (Midlands) 1.74. Long jump: D Lewis (Midlands) 6.04. Triple jump: C Henry (South) 12.40. Hammer: L Shaw (Midlands) 59.44. Shot: Y Hanson (North) 16.23. Discus: D Calloway (South) 50.53. Javelin: J King (North) 49.50. Pole vault: K Staples (South) 3.40. Match: 1 South 1311 2 pts; 2 North 115; 3 Midlands 1081 2 .

SAO PAULO GRAND PRIX (Selected winners): Men: 100m: D Mitchell (US) 10.07sec. 200m: M Johnson (US) 20.18. 3,000m: F Bayisa (Eth) 7min 49.29sec. Women: 100m: G Torrence (US) 11.07. 200m: D Young (US) 22.65.

NEW YORK GAMES (Winners and selected): Men: 100m: L Burrell (US) 10.27sec. 200m: 1 K Braunskill (US) 20.73; 2 J Regis (GB) 20.76. 400m: A Pettigrew (US) 45.07. 800m: W Kipketer (Ken) 1min 45.06sec. 400m hurdles: T Zellner (US) 49.65. High jump: S Hoen (Nor) 2.31m. Long jump: C Lewis (US) 8.45m. Triple jump: 1 B Wellman (Ber) 16.71m; 6 T Fasinro (GB) 16.17. Shot: J Doehring (US) 21.09m. Women: 100m: C Guidry-White (US) 11.31. 400m: M J Perec (Fr) 50.59. 800m: M Mutola (Moz) 1:59.74. 100m hurdles: M Freeman (Jam) 13.09. Long jump: J Joyner-Kersee (US) 7.49m.