Sporting Digest: Badminton

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ENGLISH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Norwich) Men's singles, quarter-finals: D Hall (Essex) bt C Haughton (Lancs) 15-9 15-3; P Knowles (Kent) bt S Pandya (Staffs) 15-4 15-4; P Bush (Wilts) bt P Smith (Surrey) 15-3 17-15; A Nielsen (Surrey) bt A Bush (Wilts) 15-6 15-4. Semi-finals: Knowles bt Nielsen 15-12 15-8; Hall bt P Bush w/o. Final: Hall bt Knowles 15-3

15-13. Doubles, semi-finals: S Archer (Worcs) and C Hunt (Lancs) bt M Adams and D Wright (Yorks) 15-4 15-3; N Ponting (Herts) and J Robertson (Northants) bt N Cottrill and J Quinn (Middx) 15-9 12-15 15-5. Final: Hunt and Archer bt Ponting and Robertson 15-8 18-17. Women's singles, quarter-finals: S Louis-Lane (Devon) bt E Chaffin (Surrey) 11-2 11-0; A Humby (Hants) bt S Ho (Yorks) 11-0 11-1; F Smith (Surrey) bt B Blair (Devon) 11-5 11-3; S Hore (Hants) bt W Taylor (Surrey) 11-4 11-3. Semi- finals: Louis-Lane bt Humby 6-11 11-6 11-2; Smith bt Hore 11-3 12-10. Final: Louis-Lane bt Smith 11-4 11-1. Doubles, semi-finals: G Clark (Surrey) and J Bradbury (Oxon) bt N Beck (Bucks) and E Chaffin (Surrey) 15-5 15-0; G Gowers (Herts) and J Wright (Sussex) bt T Dineen (Essex) and A Humby (Hants) 15-6 15-9. Final: Gowers and Wright bt Clark and Bradbury 15-7 ret. Mixed doubles, semi-finals: Ponting and Wright bt D Wright (Yorks) and Gowers 15-3 15-9; C Hunt (Lancs) and Clark bt J Robertson (Northants) and Bradbury 15-9

18-15. Final: Ponting and Wright bt Hunt and Clark 15-9 15-9.