Sporting Digest: Badminton

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GILLIAN GOWERS and Gillian Clark, England's leading women's doubles pair, are to split due to personal differences. 'I feel she (Clark) always wants to be the best on court,' Gowers said. 'She wins alone, but loses with your help.' Clark responded: 'It's a pity she has said these things without communicating them to me.'

SUDIRMAN CUP WORLD MIXED TEAM TOURNAMENT (National Indoor Arena, Birmingham): Group Two: Japan 2 Netherlands 3; Malaysia 2 Thailand 3 (Thailand promoted, Malaysia relegated). Group Three: Russia 0 Scotland 5 (Russia promoted, Australia relegated). Group Four: Germany 3 New Zealand 2 (Germany promoted; India relegated). Group Five: Norway 2 Austria 3; Poland 2 Finland 3 (Austria promoted, Poland relegated). Group Six: Ireland 2 United States 3; Iceland 0 Czechoslovakia 5 (Czechoslovakia promoted, Ireland relegated). Group Eight: Belgium 0 Ukraine 5; Pakistan 0 Kazakhstan 5 (Ukraine promoted, Pakistan relegated). Group Nine: Australia 2 Canada 3; Israel 2 Peru 3; Malta 1 Slovenia 4 (Peru promoted).