Sporting Digest: Bobsleigh

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TWO-MAN WORLD CUP (St Moritz): 1 P Lueders and D McEachern (Can) 2min 8.45sec; 2 R Gotschi and G Acklin (Swit) +0.37sec; 3 J Dzmura and P Polomski (Cz Rep) +0.89; 4 M Rohner and M Annen (Swit) +0.96; 5 M Tout and L Paul (GB) +1.02. Final standings: Lueders and McEachern 136pts; 2 C Langen and P Jochel (Ger) 124; 3 G Huber and S Ticci (It) 122; 4 Dzmura and Polomski 107; 5 H Schosser and G Haidacher (Aut) 101; 6 Tout and Paul 100.