Sporting Digest: Bowls

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MANCHESTER UNITY ENGLISH INDOOR ASSOCIATION NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Melton Mowbray) Pairs first round: J Forman and W J Hobart (Boston) bt R Johnson and J Wickham (Teignbridge) 20-16; N Hodgson and J Moulds (Hull and District) bt N Smith and M Bywater (Perdiswell) 18-16; M Tomberry and A Tidby (Dorchester) bt M Eddy and D L Brown (West Cornwall) 33-14; D Williams and K Renwick (Preston, Brighton) bt M Boltwood and R Ward (Victory, Portsmouth) 19-18; M and R Newman (Whiteknights, Reading) bt C Martin and J Haines (East Dorset) 26-14; M Rosso and W G Ward (Avon Valley) bt C Exton and J Williamson (Westlecot, Swindon) 17-16; M Hughes and G Cochrane (Tilbury) bt J Ottaway and R Haydon (Wymondham Dell) 26-20; J W Smith and D Wood (Beccles) bt E Hanger and G Harrington (Brackley) 26-16; I and G Clouting (Ipswich) bt C Johnston and D Bell (Hartlepool)

18-17; L Storer and R Cooper (Leicester) bt M Portway and C Morton (Barking) 22-21 (after extra end); R Billington and M Horsman (British Cellophane) bt G Booth and F Harrison (Swinton) 27-17; D Bell and G Harlow (City of Ely) bt A Hatto and C Trustcott (Wey Valley) 32-13; G Hufton and J Mills (South Forest) bt M Corbyn and M Cooper (Wellingborough) 22-10; G Smyth and S Halmai (Paddington) bt B Grundy and M Milgate (Angel, Tonbridge) 20-6; R Doogal and J Knox (Concordia) bt D Martin and R Hunt (Herts) 33-15; B Vickers and G Smith (Cyphers) bt C Palmer and J Leeman (Stanley) 25-15.

Triples final: Blackpool Borough (D Lockhart, D Holt, N Burrows) bt Cyphers (J Bull, M Sekjer, G Smith) 27-4.

THE MAZDA JACK HIGH (Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Aus): Group A: R Corsie (Sco) bt R Parrella (Aus) 9-7 9-6; D Shaw (Aus) bt G Lawson (NZ) 9-6 9-8. Section B: A Thomson (Eng) bt C Curtis (Aus) 7-9 9-6 9-8; M McMahon (HK) bt M Johnston (Irl) 9-5 9-7.