Sporting Digest: Bowls

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EWBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Royal Leamington Spa): Pairs First round: S Small and J Bracey (Henfield, Sussex) bt E Jones and J Kennerley (Gravesend) 25-20; I Lawson and J Hull (Spennymoor) bt P Tomkins and J Osborn (Ampthill, Beds) 28-15; M Kemp and P Sutton (Atherley, Hants) bt S Allen and A Cable (Marlborough, Ipswich) 18-11; L Rolfe and P Rhodes (Crawley Town) bt W Anderson and D Woodley (Penhill, Swindon) 29-16; M Ellis and B Thorpe (Mansfield, Middlesex) bt M Heggie and W Sowerby (Edenside, Carlisle) 22-16; A Shuttleworth and J Pooler (Stoke, Coventry) bt D Foster and N Holt (Wittering, Hunts) 20-17; J Carpenter and R Darling (Milton Park, Hants) bt N March and J Walker (Raunds, Cons, Northants) 23-10; J Gratland and J Nicholas (Wallingford, Berks) bt T Barton and E Vigor (Croydon) 21-19; P White and D Simmonds (Sandown, Isle of Wight) bt E Spilsby and D Worster (Shepshed, Leicester) 22-14; G Johnson and S Frost (Alderbury, Wilts) bt B Pennell and S O'Connell (Exonia, Devon) 26-10; M Brundle and C Anton (Peterborough and Dist) bt I Richards and M Cowley (St Austell) 21-18; K Merritt and E Maddox (Ledbury, Herefordshire) bt B Heselton and S Hipkiss (Elson and Robbins, Derby) 22-12; E Counsell and C Walker (Bolton) bt J Clinton and J Muddeman (Royal Leamington Spa) 31-7; E Chapman and A Daley (Alnwick, Northumberland) bt H Lee and J Barnard (Frome Park, Somerset) 27-22; S Hall and D Rolph (Cambridge Chesterton) bt J Moore and W Barnard (Brixham) 24-14; J Giles and A Cruttenden (Memorial Park, Luton) bt K Hawes and M Ellis (City and County of Oxford) 21-20; D Knights and J Jolly (Wymondham Dell, Norfolk) bt H Morley and J Foster (Nafferton, Yorks) 28-10; M Sheppard and B Fuller (Bishop's Stortford) bt A Vout and B Hume (Hetton Workmans, Durham) 29-7; S Jones and S Hawksworth (Bridport) bt C Wood and C Swan (Bolton) 26-14; L Brownlie and M Steele (Sunbury Sports, Middlesex) bt A Wright and E Clarke (Countesthorpe, Leicestershire) 25-15; V Hancock and E Nicholson (Railway, Scunthorpe) bt S Tansley and V Wade (Kingsthorpe, Northants) 25-15; E Messer and L Jarman (Cambridge Chesterton) bt R Hearn and J Smith (Cray Valley, Kent) 29-12; M Hodge and J Stern (Northolt, Middlesex) bt H McDermaid and L Hayhoe (Watchet, Somerset) 23-22; M Hufton and N Poole (Mansfield, Notts) bt L Willmott and S Sullivan (Woodley, Berks) 22-19; A Cox and L Thelwell (Marlow, Bucks) bt A Burgess and C Cloke (Kingswood & Hanham, Glos) 20- 14; J Reay and N Craig (Willington Quay, Northumberland) bt M Hopgood and V Chaney (Romford) 19-18; M Snook and G Bendall (Boxford, Suffolk) bt J Bailey and M Tipper (Gilt Edge, Kidderminster) 39-3; M Hetherington and M Wilkinson (Aspatria, Cumbria) bt O Sales and B Dunkley (Skegness Vine) 20-15; M Britton and B Hutchinson (Northavon, Glos) bt J Colquhoun and J Humphrey (Herts, Watford) 24-23; H Cooke and J Pindar (Springhead, Hull) bt P Hallam and J Green (West Moors, Dorset) 28-21; A Dowe and M Smith (Norfolk and Norwich) bt P Blackman and D Loveman (Woodford, Essex) 21-16; B Heath and I Pipes (South Derbyshire) bt E Cullen and C Duarte (Magdalen Park, Surrey) 22-12. Second round: Lawson and Hull bt Kemp and Sutton 18-17; Ellis and Thorpe bt Rolfe and Rhodes 26-18; Carpenter and Darling bt Shuttleworth and Pooler 23-16; Gratland and Nicholas bt White and Simmonds 16-13; Brundle and Anton bt Johnson and Frost 19-14; Merritt and Maddox bt Counsell and Walker 25-21; Chapman and Daley bt Hall and Rolph 23-14; Knights and Jolly bt Giles and Cruttenden 26-9; Sheppard and Fuller bt Jones and Hawksworth 18-14; Brownlie and Steele bt Hancock and Nicholson 22-16; Hodge and Stern bt Messer and Jarman 25-14; Cox and Thelwell bt Hufton and Poole 21-17; Reay and Craig bt Snook and Bendall 24- 14; Britton and Hutchinson bt Hetherington and Wilkinson 17-15.