Sporting Digest: Bowls

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BRITISH WOMEN'S INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS (Blackpool) Semi-finals: Singles: J Davies (Ogwr, Wal) bt J Roylance (North Walsham, Eng) 21-15; J Woodley (West of Scotland) bt E Bell (Belfast)

21-15. Final: Davies bt Woodley 21-18. Pairs: Scotland (J Forrest and J Foster, Teviotdale) bt Ireland (C McKernon and A Doggart, Belfast) 18-17; England (A Erridge, Desborough, and M Price, Maidenhead) bt Wales (J Davies and B Morgan, Radnorshire) 30-16. Final: England bt Scotland 25-15. Triples: Scotland (H Mackay, P Clarke and M Naismith, Gairloch) bt Ireland (N Montgomery, A Elliott and J Mulholland, Ballymoney) 13-11; Wales (S Proctor, M Jones and M Pomeroy, Cardiff) bt England (L Dabbs, D Farman and J Hellyer, Angel, Tonbridge) 27-8. Final: Scotland bt Wales 21-19. Fours: Ireland (M Wilkinson, G Law, O Paisley and B Cameron, County Antrim) bt England (D Ferguson, L Parker, J Coulson and H Walker, York) 21-20; Scotland (J McCreath, A Gilmour, D Jeffrey and E Smith, Galleon, Kilmarnock) bt Wales (E Narcup, R Parry, M Hancock and J Ellis, Frith)

29-8. Final: Scotland bt Ireland 17-14.