Sporting Digest: Bowls

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ENGLISH MEN'S INDOOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Melton Mowbray): Triples, final: Nottingham (W Tomlinson, G Hufton, J Mills) bt Teignbridge (E Knight, R Johnson, J Wickham) 20- 13. Pairs, first round: Thornaby (A Frosdick, H Duff) bt Beccles (J Smith, D Wood) 20-15; Barking (D Farr, N Smith) bt Lawson Park (M Bourdon, K Barber) 19-17; Plymouth Civil Service (C Rice, D Elliott) bt East Dorset (T Chivers, W Belcher) 26-12; Moonfleet (M Goddard, D Steadman) bt Ipswich (I Clouting, G Clouting) 22-13; Richmond (L Dickson, K Nicholls) bt Christie Miller (M Webb, D Gray) 21-15; Picketts Lock (J Brooks, T Mould) bt Hull and District (P Blackburn, D Tooley) 26-15; Cyphers (B Vickers, G Smith) bt Leicester (K Frost, R Patterson) 31-11; Preston, Brighton (D Williams, K Renwick) bt Watchet (S Hooper, N Williams) 24- 11.

EILEEN VIGOR, of Croydon, won the All-England Indoor Champion of Champions singles title at Stevenage yesterday. Vigor, who has played cricket for England, beat her outdoor pairs partner Sharon Rickman of King George Field, 21-11.

ENGLISH WOMEN'S INDOOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Stevenage): Champion of Champions singles, Final: Vigor bt Rickman 21-11. Unbadged pairs, last 16: J Byford and J Polley (Falcon) bt J Christmas and V O'Hara (North Walsham) 23-16; V Freer and H Branch (Wealden) bt P Harrington and B Maisey (Barking) 20-19; M Kilby and B Warters (Stamford) bt J Hague and M Blackburn (Hull) 23-11; J Stephenson and D Hope (Darlington) bt M London and A Waters (Angel, Tonbridge) 18-16; J Howlett and J Searle (Moonfleet) bt M Ellett and S Harriott (Exmouth Madeira) 31-11; J Boosey and J Ward (Stevenage) bt J Price and N Edwards (British Cellophane) 20-16; C Day and P Carrott (City of Ely) bt M Collins and E Douglas (Malvern Hills) 30-13; S Beckett and J Watson (Sutton) bt N Wardall and L Smith (Cambridge Park) 23-12. Quarter-finals: Wealden bt Falcon 24-14; Darlington bt Stamford 21-11; Stevenage bt Moonfleet 17-11; City of Ely bt Sutton 20-18. Triples, last 16: Eldon (N Greenwood) bt Atherley (H Phillips) 18-14; Foxhill (B Walford) bt Yeovil (E Bessell) 16-15.