Sporting Digest: Bowls

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SANATOGEN EBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Worthing) Pairs, third round: R Johnson and J Wickham (Totnes) bt R Shelley and G Standley (Atherley Southampton) 26-9; M Bantock and K Smith (Denham, Bucks) bt M Atkins and A Burbridge (Droitwich VP) 24-18; R Robinson and R Brittan (Erdington Ct) bt J Gearey and R Blencowe (Brackley and Dist) 21-15; K Mitchell and D Colbourne (Bolton) bt P Rands and R Kirk (Wealdstone) 21-11; G Smith and A Thomson (Blackheath and Greenwich) bt A Chilman and M Davies (Brintons Kidderminster) 20-15; K Arnold and D Cutler (Plymouth CS) bt P Hall and D Magness (Leominster) 23-16; J Birch and A O'Connell (S London) bt B Dawson and T McGrath (Alexandra Pk) 19-12; A Waite and D Killick (Denham, Bucks) bt R Kirby and A Hitchcock (Trentham, Berks) 22-19. Quarter-finals: Totnes bt Denham (K Smith) 25-24; Erdington Ct bt Bolton 33-5; Blackheath and Greenwich bt Plymouth CS 18-17; S London bt Denham (D Killick) 21-12.