Sporting Digest: Bowls

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ENGLISH MEN'S INDOOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Melton Mowbray): Fours quarter- finals: Cambridge Park (W Richards) bt Atherley (G Standley) 24-20; Barking (N Smith) bt Desborough (P Hooper) 25-10; Plymouth Civil Service (D Cutler) bt Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds (C Southgate) 26-8; Clarrie Dunbar, Frome (I Middlemast) bt Teignbridge (G Sanders) 23-21.

ENGLISH WOMEN'S INDOOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Stevenage): Fours, second round: Atherley (G Standley) bt Egham (W Manley) 20- 19; Cambridge Park (W Richards) bt Towerlands (D Pudney) 19-18; Barking (N Smith) bt Lincoln (N Bowden) 20-19; Desborough (P Hooper) bt Preston, Brighton (K Renwick) 21-15; Plymouth Civil Service (D Cutler) bt Cumbria (H Thompson) 19- 12; Teignbridge (G Sanders) bt Victory (T Moore) 23-8; Clarrie, Dunbar (I Middlemast) bt Mote Park (L Shoobridge) 25-17; Risbygate, Bury St Edmunds (C Southgate) bt Rugby Thornfield (G Marchant) 22-14. Two-wood triples semi-finals: King George Field (B Dudley, T Drayton, M Wessier) bt Gedling (A Parker, J Miller, S Offler) 15-8; Stevenage (A Fuller, J Boosey, J Ward) bt Tye Green (E Saxby, S Bloomfield, B Fuller) 23-15.

Final: Stevenage bt King George Field 21-14. Under-31 singles: S Rickman (King George Field) bt J Dean (Rugby Thornfield) 21-10; A Knott (South Tyneside) bt J Bailey (Nottingham) 21-20; S Irons (City of Ely) bt S Hazell (Mote Park) 21-5; K Hawes (Oxford City & County) bt C Herbert (Arun) 21-12. Semi-finals: Rickman bt Knott 21-20; Irons bt Hawes 21-6. Final: Rickman bt Irons 21-8.