Sporting Digest: Bowls

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ENGLISH NATIONAL INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS (Melton Mowbray) Triples, first round: Sunderland (J Humphrey) bt Wey Valley (P Vamvacopoulos) 38-10; Paddington (S Halmai) bt Slade (T Jenkins) 22-12; Tilbury (T Clark) bt Perdis Well (I Jenkins) 20-7; Addlethorpe (R Robertson) bt Ipswich (A Wyatt) 19-5; Oyster (D Holmes) bt St Neots (B Beaumont) 22-11; Clarrie Dunbar (I Middlemast) bt Sudbury (M Grimwood) 19-18 (after extra end); Nottingham (J Mills) bt Kettering (G Wright) 23-13; Wymondham Dell (B Thacker) bt Newcastle (M London) 15-14; Plymouth Civil Service (S Evans) bt King James (D Dowson) 16-15; Worthing (J Dicker) bt British Cellophane (J Davies) 16-13, Leicester (D Patterson) bt March (L Miller) 21-15; Hatfield (P Skelton) bt Old Coulsdon (P Hunt) 16-12; Desborough (B Hing) bt Grattons (I Puddick) 20-16; Hull and District (N Curtis) bt Thamesdown (M Biggs) 18-10; Teignbridge (J Wickham) bt East Dorset (R Morgan) 24-13; Rugby Thornfield (G Marchant) bt County Arts (M Gill) 20-12.

FOURS Final: Cambridge Park (C Yelland, N Thompson, S Tuohy, W Richards) bt Plymouth Civil Service (J Kelly, D Elliott, R Keating, D Cutler) 18-17.

ENGLISH WOMEN'S INDOOR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Stevenage): Pairs (last 16): M Hazell and B King (Solent) bt K Mills and A O'Donnell (Wealden) 25-10; D Wilson and J Cammack (Boston) bt E Vigor and T Barton (Croydon) 19-11; M Moore and S Curtis (Beccles) bt D Thompson and G Lloyd (Malvern) 23-10; H Cattran and M Matthews (West Cornwall) bt A Grant and B Hurst (Picketts Lock) 23-15; J Coulson and H Walker (York) bt J Wilson and D Gowling (Cumbria) 24-15; J Smith and A Snelling (Folkestone) bt M Taylor and E Bessell (Yeovil) 19-10; L Thorogood and M Wessier (King George Field) bt M Minett and J Liversedge (March) 24-21; A Erridge and M Price (Desborough, Maidenhead) bt J Barnes and K Coles (Tilbury) 26-23. Quarter-finals: Solent bt Boston 23-20; Beccles bt West Cornwall 16-15; York bt Folkestone 20-14; Desborough bt King George Field 37-5.

CHAMPION OF CHAMPION SINGLES (last 16): P Oliver (South Forest) bt N Shaw (Thornaby)

21-16; S Rickman (King George Field) bt B Trafford (Cherwell) 21-6.