Sporting Digest: Bowls

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ENGLAND, Ireland and Wales remained undefeated in singles and fours at the Atlantic Rim Women's Championships in Florida following the third round yesterday. Norma Shaw, England's former world champion, leads the singles table on shots aggregate, ahead of Philis Nolan, of Ireland, and Rita Jones, of Wales.

ATLANTIC RIM WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIPS (Sun City, Fla): Singles, second round: B Redshaw (SA) bt A Barber (US) 25-18; R Jones (Wal) bt P Cole (Sp) 25-24; J Lindores (Sco) bt M De Cabrera (Arg) 25-14; S Milligan (Can) bt A Ainsworth (Nam)

25-22; N Shaw (Eng) bt Syvret 25-11; Nolan bt Nicolle 25-14. Third round: United States bt Spain 25-7; Scotland bt South Africa 25-24; Wales bt Namibia 25-18; Jersey bt Argentina 25-13; Ireland bt Canada

25-16; England bt Guernsey 25-20. Fours, second round: South Africa bt US 30-8; Wales bt Spain 22-18; Scotland bt Argentina 22-10; Canada bt Namibia 22-8; England bt Jersey 15-11; Ireland bt Guernsey

19-17. Third round: United States bt Spain 19-18; South Africa bt Scotland 23-12; Wales bt Namibia 28-15; Jersey bt Argentina 18-12; Ireland bt Canada 15-11; England bt Guernsey 22-10.