Sporting Digest: Bowls

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ATLANTIC RIM WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIPS (Sun City, Florida): Singles sixth round: A Barber (US) bt S Syvret (Jersey) 25-11; P Nolan (Irl) bt A Ainsworth (Nam) 25-15; J Lindores (Sco) bt J Nicolle (Guernsey) 25-20; N Shaw (Eng) bt P Cole (Sp) 25-14; B Redshaw (SA) bt S Milligan (Can) 25-10; R Jones (Wal) bt M De Cabrera (Arg) 25-11. Seventh round: United States bt Ireland 25-20; Jersey bt Guernsey 25- 23; England bt Namibia 25-16; Scotland bt Canada 25-11; Argentina bt Spain 25-14; Wales bt South Africa 25-14. Fours sixth round: Jersey (S Nightingale, V Stead, M LeMarquand, J Jones) bt United States 23-10; Ireland (B Cameron, F Elliott, C O'Gorman, N Allely bt Namibia 16-14; Scotland (S Gourlay, J Maxwell, S McCrone, F Whyte) bt Guernsey (J Simon, A Thompson, S Paul, A Simon) 27-5; Spain bt England (G Daniel, S Page, E Bessell, M Heggie) 23-16; South Africa bt Canada 18-14; Wales (L Evans, M Davies, V Howell, B Morgan) bt Argentina 28-12. Seventh round: United States bt Ireland 19-17; Jersey bt Guernsey 21-11; England drew with Namibia 14-14; Scotland bt Canada 31-8; Argentina bt Spain 22-13; Wales bt South Africa 20-12.