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GARY MASON won his comeback fight on Saturday night, beating Kevin Porter, of the United States, in the second round of their bout in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Virgil Hill pulled out of his World Boxing Association light-heavyweight championship defence at the same venue against Canada's Drake Thadzi because of a viral problem.

NICKY PIPER failed in his challenge for the American Leeonzer Barber's World Boxing Association light- heavyweight championship. Piper was ahead on one card and level on another in the ninth round when the referee stopped the fight after Barber rallied and twice put the Briton on the canvas.

PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION (Cardiff): 12-rd for World Boxing Organisation light- heavyweight championship: L Barber (US, holder) bt N Piper (Cardiff) rsf 9th. 8-rd cruiserweight: D Andries (Hackney) bt C Ashley (Leeds) ret 4th. 8-rd featherweight: D McKenzie (Croydon) bt M Rodriguez (Mex) pts. 8-rd light-heavyweight: O Clementsen (Nor) bt S McDougal (Blackpool) rsf 5th. 8-rd heavyweight: C Mitchell (Derby) bt C Hilton (Bloxwich) rsf 1st. 10-rd flyweight: R Regan (Wal) bt M Poddighe (It) pts. 6-rd featherweight: R Rees (Wal) bt A Reid (Potters Bar) pts. 6-rd bantamweight: N Swain (Wal) bt A Ley (Wal) rsf 3rd.

PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION (Las Vegas): 12- rd for World Boxing Council super-lightweight championship: F Randall (US) bt J C Chavez (Mex, holder) pts. 12-rd for WBC super-welterweight championship: S Brown (US, holder) bt T Waters (Aus) pts. 12-rd for International Boxing Federation welterweight championship: F Trindad (PR, holder) bt H Camacho (US) pts. 10-rd heavyweight: D Ruddock (Can) bt A Wade (US) pts. 8-rd cruiserweight: T Hearns (US) bt D Ward (US) ko 1st.