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Lennox Lewis was an instant hit with his new American trainer, Emanuel Steward, last night. The pair worked out in an East London gym for the first time since Steward was named as the replacement for Pepe Correa. Afterwards, Steward said: "There i s not much new to teach him. It's more a case of rekindling some of the natural things which have drifted away. To take a heavyweight with so much talent and try to bring out his full potential is an exciting new challenge for me." Lewis, who lost his WB C title to Oliver McCall last September, was just as enthusiastic about the new partnership. "One of the things we shall be concentrating on is not relying so much on one big punch, but throwing combinations."

George Foreman's request for a special exemption from the WBA to fight Axel Schulz of Germany, rather than the highest available contender will be heard on Friday. Foreman's status as WBA champion could be at stake during the meeting of the WBA's world championship committee.