Sporting Digest: Croquet

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MacROBERTSON SHIELD (Moama, Aus): Singles: C Pickering (Aus) bt J Stark (US) 24-26 26-0tp 26-25; B Chambers (Aus) lost to K Jones (US) 4-26 26-0tp 23-26tp; R Fulford (GB and Irl) bt B Jackson (NZ) 26-2tp 26-0sextuple; C Irwin (GB) and Irl) bt S Jones (NZ) 26-23 26-9; C Clarke (GB and Irl) bt B Northey (Aus) 26-1tp 26-17; D Openshaw (GB and Irl) lost to J Tyrell (Aus) 23-26 24-26; M Taylor (Aus) bt E Peterson (US) 26-17 1-26 2613; Taylor bt J Walters (GB and Irl) 23-26 26-16tpo 26-2tp.