Sporting Digest: Cycling

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MARIO CIPOLLINI, who won the second stage of last year's Tour de France and twice wore the leader's yellow jersey, is out of this year's race, from 2 to 24 July, with a broken rib.

TOUR OF SWITZERLAND Ninth stage: 1 F Roscioli (It) 4hr 54min 43sec; 2 R Jarmann (Swit) +12sec; 3 F Andrew (US) +22; 4 S Sunderland (Aus) +28; 5 J Nevens (Bel) same time. Overall: 1 P Richard (Swit) 35hr 35min 03sec; 2 V Pulnikov (Ukr) +1min 02sec; 3 G Pierobon (It) +1:04; 4 H Imboden (Swit) +1:26; 5 R Massi (It) +2:23.

ISLE OF MAN INTERNATIONAL WEEK: Curwen Clague Memorial road race (48 miles): 1 F Laurance (Fr) 1hr 48min 52sec; 2 S Tyson (GB B); 3 D Wedley (Wal); 4 L Davis (GB A); 5 J Ramsbottom (GB A) all same time; 6 J Evans (Wal) +29sec. Pedal Power two-up 10-mile TT: 1 G Obree (PCA) and M Purvis (Manx Viking Wh) 22min 44sec; 2 W Moore (Leo RC) and C Greenwood (Cardiff Byways RCC) 22:51; 3 N Peppitt and B Mitchell (Coventry Olympic) 23:19.