Sporting Digest: Cycling

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GRAEME OBREE, the world pursuit champion, cycled the fastest 10km in history in Geneva yesterday. Despite suffering from flu, the Scottish rider clocked 11min 28.46sec at the Queue d'Arve, 11 seconds faster than the the time set by Italy's Francesco Moser in Mexico City in 1984. The performance will not be officially recorded as the International Cycling Union has stopped counting records for the distance.

CATALAN WEEK Third stage (191km, Torrelavit to La Rabassa): 1 S Della Santa (It) 5hr 19min 23sec; 2 A Camargo (Col) +1min 20sec; 3 L Dufaux (Swit) +1:22; 4 A Hampsten (US) +1:23; 5 U Bolts (Ger) +1:54; 6 V Aparicio (Sp) +2:02. Overall: 1 Della Santa 16:13.43; 2 Camargo +1:20; 3 Dufaux +1:22; 4 Hampsten +1:23; 5 Bolts +1:54; 6 Aparicio 2:02.